It’s not easy being green

You have to really fight the system to go green.  So, I have often felt like an environmental hypocrite.  And just recently, I decided to cut myself some slack.  And here are some reasons why you should as well.

Until very recently, organic foods have received very little government support for marketing and research.  Meaning that only the elite understood why organic was important.

Home builders did not have the knowledge needed to provide Eco friendly alternatives.

Vehicle manufacturers were fueled by the wrong motivations.

Politics tried to distract from the real issues claiming that environmentalists don’t often practice what they preach.

So, join me and Kermit the frog and proudly declare that “it isn’t easy being green”…but I am willing to try.  There are many ways that society can move forward into a sustainable future.  I will explore those with you.  One little step at a time.  From a city dweller point of view.

Next blog will feature lessons learned from my 2011 backyard garden.  And the new inspiration in my life…the book “the city peoples book of raising  food”.

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