We are not farmers

“The spirit was willing…but time is not on our side.”  I know that I’m not alone in this honest reflection.  And so our first gardening attempt  started like many of our other household projects:  shopping!  We bought a little seed greenhouse and seeds that promised to grow quickly to capture my young daughter’s imagination.  And at first, the process was miraculous.  Then came the hard work:

– Aphids attacked our little seedlings forcing us to regularly spray soapy water

– Some seedlings grew too quickly and the roots overtook the small containers

– And most importantly, our composting project did not get started, so off to the garden store I went to buy bags of topsoil.

I have to admit that my research last year was limited to the memories of luscious veggies from my parent’s backyard.  It didn’t take long for me to call them for help.  And soon, a row of freshly planted seedlings adorned our backyard!  It was quite late in the season, but our first crop of tomatoes made it all worth while.

The family of rabbits living under our shed loved all the free organic produce.  But that is another issue…

I am now reading the book “The city people’s guide to raising food”.  I will keep you posted on my plans for 2012…

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