Why mommy?


Children receive a great deal of satisfaction from the stories you tell them about earlier generations.  Here are the reasons why (from Today’s Parent):

It relieves children’s stress and anxiety to know that their mom and dad made it through their first day at kindergarten or having their teeth filled at the dentist — and came out of it with a funny story to tell about it.


Preschoolers are sometimes pretty anxious about change. Hearing stories about their parents’ childhood sometimes shocks them (“Whoa, you didn’t have car seats when you were five?”), but also reassures them that change is an inevitable — and not always bad — part of life.


Stories help the child see the world through others’ eyes.


The stories you choose to tell and the way you deliver them convey the values you hope to teach your children


Stories that point out similarities help to strengthen the bonds between parents and children


You can tell stories while you drive in the car, while you cuddle before bed, or as you relax over a meal.

Thank you Today’s Parent!

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