What to do with all those crafts?!?

Once your children enter daycare, preschool or daycare, there is an endless amount of crafts coming home!  And every piece is beautiful.  So how can we archive the works or art without buying a storage room?  Easy!

Step 1. Throughout the year, take digital pictures of all crafts, artwork, etc.

Step 2. Every 3, 6 or 12 months, sit down in front of your computer to select your favorites and place the digital pics in a separate folder.

Step 3.  Pick a family holiday at home to showcase the favourite pics in a sideshow so that everyone can comment.  Be sure to mentally or physically write down the comments for your photobook or scrapbook.

Step 4.  Contact us to help you publish the photobook.  Or make your own scrapbook.

Step 5.  Throw away the originals to make room for next year!

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