5 Things You Can Do to Brighten the Day of Someone With Severe Dementia


Ever think, “Why do I bother?” If you find yourself wondering if your interactions with your loved one make any difference — since so little seems to be remembered — take comfort and inspiration from this 2010 University of Iowa study.

It that showed that in people with memory loss, warm feelings associated with a positive interaction — a joke, a visit — stick around long after the experience itself is forgotten. Even when the event is immediately forgotten, a better mood seems to persist for a day or longer. Sad emotions (as from a bad experience) last longest. So know that those little bits of happiness you dispense, from a smile to a hug, are well worth the effort, even if you don’t get any immediate feedback.


One Reply to “5 Things You Can Do to Brighten the Day of Someone With Severe Dementia”

  1. Great advice. Also works for people with depression. Never underestimate the power of a positive word or action, however small.

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