5 Things You Can Do to Brighten the Day of Someone With Severe Dementia


Ever think, “Why do I bother?” If you find yourself wondering if your interactions with your loved one make any difference — since so little seems to be remembered — take comfort and inspiration from this 2010 University of Iowa study.

It that showed that in people with memory loss, warm feelings associated with a positive interaction — a joke, a visit — stick around long after the experience itself is forgotten. Even when the event is immediately forgotten, a better mood seems to persist for a day or longer. Sad emotions (as from a bad experience) last longest. So know that those little bits of happiness you dispense, from a smile to a hug, are well worth the effort, even if you don’t get any immediate feedback.


1 thought on “5 Things You Can Do to Brighten the Day of Someone With Severe Dementia

  1. Great advice. Also works for people with depression. Never underestimate the power of a positive word or action, however small.

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