Take Your Pix (R) Photo Albums – Perfect Gift for Weddings, Baby Showers, and Scrapbooking!

The Gadget Gandhi

Have you ever been too rough when putting photos into a photo album and accidently ripped the entire page out?  WE HAVE! And that’s why we LOVE our newest product The Take Your Pix® photo album from Board Book Albums, LLC. 

Board Book Albums, LLC is proud to offer a new chunky board book style photo album that can be used by small children, big kids, and adults alike. The Take Your Pix® photo album (patent pending) has sturdy pages, into which photos can be inserted from an opening in the top of the pages.

Unlike other albums, these albums have thick sturdy pages that are perfect for little kids to handle (like the chunky little kids books). Notches have been added to the page edges to facilitate page turning. The photo album is 7″ x 7″ with 10 pages. It holds 20 4″ x 6″ photos and has…

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Down Memory Lane: Potholes

HoardingWoes & You

I found the old photo album in the basement of my aunt’s hoarding home. It set beneath piles of stuff in a back, downstairs bedroom. Tonight, I introduced it to her with excitement. I envisioned it re-igniting past memories. It did on one level. She freely identified the people in the pictures. But, it did not create excitement or smiles. It created sadness. 

Bittersweet sadness. And, it begged the frequent question of ‘where’s Felix?’ and she provided her own answer to that sad question. In the end, I was heavy hearted and sick in the stomach. Pictures of her old home and the immaculate landscaping did the same….one interesting picture after another only elicited increasing sadness until I closed the album and set it high and out of reach in her room. I set two metallic angels I had secured from her home, special to her, on a dresser in…

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All About The Traditional Photo Albums

Great Photo Albums

Photo albums are usually not only a collection of photographs but a collection of treasured memories of our valuable moments. How to develop photo album is simple and exciting to do. There are actually unique strategies on how to make photo album no matter whether it is a virtual photo album or common album with exclusive board covering. Each technique is thrilling to do for the reason that you can customize when you build photo album. In this short article, we’ll speak about two techniques on how to develop photo album and customize it it with a different design such as Leather photo albums.

Photo albums assistance organizes memories of vacations, get-togethers, occasions you celebrated and so forth. Later on, when you flip as a result of, your photo album reminds you from the incidents, each of the fun-filled happenings on the yester many years. Photo albums have extended…

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Long distance grandparents – another idea


If you want to foster a long distance relationship with your grandchildren or grandparents, consider a letter writing contest!  Hard copy or email, you will get the same impact.  And be sure to keep the letters for your yearly craft photobook!

Step 1.  Parents or grandparents should send out a letter announcing the contest and the categories for prizes, including the most letters, the funniest letter, the most original letter, and the most creative letter .

Step 2.  Start writing letters.  Recommend a monthly, quarterly and yearly prize to keep up interests.  And keep in mind skill levels.  Try to reinforce what is being taught in school to keep it age appropriate.  For example, in JK, consider using the sight words or letter of the week.

Step 3.  Parents would make an ideal judging panel.  For every child, there should be a prize.  And celebrate!  Use family day, birthdays, etc to make the celebration real.

Step 4.  Set aside your favorites electronically on a monthly basis.

Step 5.  Incorporate your letters into the yearly craft photobook.  Share the photobook at Christmas time or print extra copies for the grandparents as a unique and touching gift.