What to do with all those crafts?!?

Once your children enter daycare, preschool or daycare, there is an endless amount of crafts coming home!  And every piece is beautiful.  So how can we archive the works or art without buying a storage room?  Easy!

Step 1. Throughout the year, take digital pictures of all crafts, artwork, etc.

Step 2. Every 3, 6 or 12 months, sit down in front of your computer to select your favorites and place the digital pics in a separate folder.

Step 3.  Pick a family holiday at home to showcase the favourite pics in a sideshow so that everyone can comment.  Be sure to mentally or physically write down the comments for your photobook or scrapbook.

Step 4.  Contact us to help you publish the photobook.  Or make your own scrapbook.

Step 5.  Throw away the originals to make room for next year!

Long distance grandparents


It may not always be practical to visit family daily or weekly.  But it is important to create lasting impressions with grandchildren when they are young.  One approach could be to design an alphabet book that chronicles family stories.


Instead of buying an alphabet book off the shelf, use a photobook, scrapbook or photo album to design your own.  It is easier than you think and we are here to help.  Contact us today or read on…

Step 1.  Sort the photos according to letter (a photo of the family picking apples might be categorized under “A” for “apples” or “P” for “picking apples,” depending on her needs)

Step 2.  Photocopy or scan the original photos to preserve old archived photos

Srep 3.  For scans, consider making a photobook.  We are here to support.

Step 4.  For hard copy photos, cut and paste or place photos into a scrapbook or album, with two pages for each letter of the alphabet.

Step 5.  Use funny phrases or family annecdotes to describe the photos and label each one.

Remember that this book will also be a record of memorable family events like first Christmas, vacasports etc.  The key is to organize the book so that it tells a story about the family.

Why mommy?


Children receive a great deal of satisfaction from the stories you tell them about earlier generations.  Here are the reasons why (from Today’s Parent):

It relieves children’s stress and anxiety to know that their mom and dad made it through their first day at kindergarten or having their teeth filled at the dentist — and came out of it with a funny story to tell about it.


Preschoolers are sometimes pretty anxious about change. Hearing stories about their parents’ childhood sometimes shocks them (“Whoa, you didn’t have car seats when you were five?”), but also reassures them that change is an inevitable — and not always bad — part of life.


Stories help the child see the world through others’ eyes.


The stories you choose to tell and the way you deliver them convey the values you hope to teach your children


Stories that point out similarities help to strengthen the bonds between parents and children


You can tell stories while you drive in the car, while you cuddle before bed, or as you relax over a meal.

Thank you Today’s Parent!

Storytelling with Music inspires creativity

Kids love to make up stories – something we should encourage!

The key is to make up stories and storytell together.  And you can get your inspiration from soundtracks you can easily find on youtube or your own music collection or better yet, play yourself.  Music will encourage creativity and help move the story along.  Throw in some costumes and you will have an instant theatre production in your living room.

Try books like Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf or movies like Lion King.  You don’t have to tell the original story, in fact, you should embellish…