A picture is priceless – make them a part of your everyday life

We are living in a time when access to photos is relatively easy and inexpensive.  And this is both a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because a picture captures our memories in a way that stories cannot.  A curse because we sometimes get carried away with the number of pictures, can’t download them from our digital cameras or find ourselves unsure about printing individual pictures.

What are Photobooks?  Photobooks are different than Photo Albums.  The Photo Album is a book of blank pages with pockets for organizing photographs.  Whereas a Photobook, quite literally, is a professionally published book with your pictures.

How do I create a Photobook?  Step 1:  Decide on a storyline (will this be about a specific individual or event, etc).  Step 2:  Write down the stories.  Best if you can write them down electronically.  Step 3:  Find a photo that matches the story.  Sometimes you will use the photos to inspire the story.

And the last step, contact a reputable partner to help pull together the project.  Your pictures are precious.

Connect with Nature

To lower our electronic energy consumption (read “money”), our family has been spending time out in nature.  This past summer we decided to enjoy local vacations like camping and local cottage renting which meant swimming, fishing off the dock, roasting marshmallows and enjoying stories around the fire.  And the result has been a sense of togetherness and teamwork.

The challenge…how to keep up the good work during winter when the temptation to go somewhere warm is HUGE!  Perhaps we will succumb to a getaway in the sun but trade off and go meatless instead!  They say that the environmental impact of meat is very high – about 7 times more land required for a meat-based diet than a plant-based diet…

All About The Traditional Photo Albums

Great Photo Albums

Photo albums are usually not only a collection of photographs but a collection of treasured memories of our valuable moments. How to develop photo album is simple and exciting to do. There are actually unique strategies on how to make photo album no matter whether it is a virtual photo album or common album with exclusive board covering. Each technique is thrilling to do for the reason that you can customize when you build photo album. In this short article, we’ll speak about two techniques on how to develop photo album and customize it it with a different design such as Leather photo albums.

Photo albums assistance organizes memories of vacations, get-togethers, occasions you celebrated and so forth. Later on, when you flip as a result of, your photo album reminds you from the incidents, each of the fun-filled happenings on the yester many years. Photo albums have extended…

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