Sharing Life-Affirming Stories #presentperfect @presentperfect

Every once in a while, a movie challenges us to consider what we’re doing- and what we’re not- to prepare future generations for what’s to come. What value does a person have to others throughout their life? Are we asking for the right contributions from each other? How do we measure and define a successful life?

This movie is ultimately a life-affirming story of hope that just might lead to serious positive change.

Please share.

Have a Meeting? Take a Walk. Why The Greatest Minds Take Long Walks…

A couple of years ago we were inspired by this Ted Talk and the idea of Walking Meetings as an alternative to coffee, lunch or dinner meetings. And with the return to warmer weather in Toronto, I look forward to connecting with more folks that have been hibernating this winter…

So to inspire you, I’m sharing this amazing article about the benefits of walking and why the greatest minds take long walks. Have you read it?

The conclusion is that walking is great. Not only will it make you more creative, it will help you get those ideas over to your colleagues better and allow you to fit more into your day. Let’s get walking!


Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships

Have you read Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships by Andrew Davis?

Andrew explains that there are three simple benefits to Marketing Partnerships which will extend your reach with content collaboration:

1. It’s better. As marketers, we can create better content if we’re willing to partner with others who know the audience perhaps even better than we do.
2. It’s faster. Most content marketing is a slow-grow strategy. But brands that partner with other brands see much more rapid success with the content they create.
3. It’s cheaper. It’s much less expensive to share with other audiences than it is to advertise.