A picture is priceless – make them a part of your everyday life

We are living in a time when access to photos is relatively easy and inexpensive.  And this is both a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because a picture captures our memories in a way that stories cannot.  A curse because we sometimes get carried away with the number of pictures, can’t download them from our digital cameras or find ourselves unsure about printing individual pictures.

What are Photobooks?  Photobooks are different than Photo Albums.  The Photo Album is a book of blank pages with pockets for organizing photographs.  Whereas a Photobook, quite literally, is a professionally published book with your pictures.

How do I create a Photobook?  Step 1:  Decide on a storyline (will this be about a specific individual or event, etc).  Step 2:  Write down the stories.  Best if you can write them down electronically.  Step 3:  Find a photo that matches the story.  Sometimes you will use the photos to inspire the story.

And the last step, contact a reputable partner to help pull together the project.  Your pictures are precious.

Long distance grandparents – another idea


If you want to foster a long distance relationship with your grandchildren or grandparents, consider a letter writing contest!  Hard copy or email, you will get the same impact.  And be sure to keep the letters for your yearly craft photobook!

Step 1.  Parents or grandparents should send out a letter announcing the contest and the categories for prizes, including the most letters, the funniest letter, the most original letter, and the most creative letter .

Step 2.  Start writing letters.  Recommend a monthly, quarterly and yearly prize to keep up interests.  And keep in mind skill levels.  Try to reinforce what is being taught in school to keep it age appropriate.  For example, in JK, consider using the sight words or letter of the week.

Step 3.  Parents would make an ideal judging panel.  For every child, there should be a prize.  And celebrate!  Use family day, birthdays, etc to make the celebration real.

Step 4.  Set aside your favorites electronically on a monthly basis.

Step 5.  Incorporate your letters into the yearly craft photobook.  Share the photobook at Christmas time or print extra copies for the grandparents as a unique and touching gift.

What to do with all those crafts?!?

Once your children enter daycare, preschool or daycare, there is an endless amount of crafts coming home!  And every piece is beautiful.  So how can we archive the works or art without buying a storage room?  Easy!

Step 1. Throughout the year, take digital pictures of all crafts, artwork, etc.

Step 2. Every 3, 6 or 12 months, sit down in front of your computer to select your favorites and place the digital pics in a separate folder.

Step 3.  Pick a family holiday at home to showcase the favourite pics in a sideshow so that everyone can comment.  Be sure to mentally or physically write down the comments for your photobook or scrapbook.

Step 4.  Contact us to help you publish the photobook.  Or make your own scrapbook.

Step 5.  Throw away the originals to make room for next year!

Long distance grandparents


It may not always be practical to visit family daily or weekly.  But it is important to create lasting impressions with grandchildren when they are young.  One approach could be to design an alphabet book that chronicles family stories.


Instead of buying an alphabet book off the shelf, use a photobook, scrapbook or photo album to design your own.  It is easier than you think and we are here to help.  Contact us today or read on…

Step 1.  Sort the photos according to letter (a photo of the family picking apples might be categorized under “A” for “apples” or “P” for “picking apples,” depending on her needs)

Step 2.  Photocopy or scan the original photos to preserve old archived photos

Srep 3.  For scans, consider making a photobook.  We are here to support.

Step 4.  For hard copy photos, cut and paste or place photos into a scrapbook or album, with two pages for each letter of the alphabet.

Step 5.  Use funny phrases or family annecdotes to describe the photos and label each one.

Remember that this book will also be a record of memorable family events like first Christmas, vacasports etc.  The key is to organize the book so that it tells a story about the family.

Let’s start with a definition


The dictionary definition of Mores follows.  I like the synonym “a way of life…”.

Main Entry: mores
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: traditional customs
Synonyms: attitude, codes, established ways, etiquette, formalities, manners, morals, policies, practices, principles, protocol, rites, rituals, routines, rules, social conduct, standards, way of life


Mores, in sociology, are any given society’s particular normsvirtues, or values.


Values reflect a person’s sense of right and wrong.


“Equal rights for all”, “Excellence deserves admiration”, and “People should be treated with respect and dignity” are representative of our values. Our values influence our attitudes and behavior in client service.