Building an Audience and The Ability to Discriminate


“If you believe, as I do, that brands have to become media platforms in order to get their messages heard, then you have to build your content strategy the same way that media platforms do—by building an audience. The person tasked with building that audience in a TV or Radio setting is the Programming Executive, and it’s their job not only to find quality content, but also to package it together into a cohesive story that transcends any one element of that story. And this is the job of tomorrow’s content curator. A content creator not only has the burden of delivering quality content, but also the burden of delivering the right audience.” ~Tom Webster



2013 Social Media Survey Results

Brands must be on social media because consumers seek brand and product information.  But surprisingly (or not), consumers feel that brands over communicate on social:

  • 61% of consumers follow brands on YouTube (61%) for learning more about products and services. So go ahead, don’t be shy, a video on your blog will drive engagement.
  • 25% of consumers want to be part of a community – true across all social media included in the research (Facebook, twitter, interest, youtube, instagram).
  • 35-57% of consumers follow brands to keep up with activities, with Twitter coming out as the leader.  Expect both positive and negative customer feedback.

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